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Table 1 Electronic bibliographic databases searched and search strategy used

From: Maximising response to postal questionnaires – A systematic review of randomised trials in health research

Database Host Search Strategy
Medline (1996–2004) Ovid 1. Health care survey* or Questionn*
2. Respons* or Respons* adj rate or follow adj up or return
3. Post* or mail*
4. Enhanc* or improv* or promot* or increas* or influenc* or maximis*
5. Remind* or letter* or postcard* or incentiv* or reward or money or payment or lottery or prize or personalis* or sponsor or length or style or format or appearance or colour or color or stationary or envelope or stamp or postage or certified or registered or telephone or notice or dispatch or deliver or sensitive or disseminate
6. Randomi* or control* or trial*
7. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6
Embase (1980–2004) Ovid  
CENTRAL (1980–2004) Update Software ltd  
Cochrane database of systematic reviews (1980–2004) Update Software ltd  
PsycINFO (1990–2004) Ovid  
National Research Register (2000–2004) DoH (Web version)