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Table 1 Study epidemiology

From: The stepped wedge trial design: a systematic review

Lead Author Date Disease Country Setting
Gambia Hepatitis Study Group [4] 1987 Liver cancer Gambia Regions
Cook [17] 1996 Substance abuse USA Workplace
Wilmink [19] 1999 Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms UK GP surgeries
Somerville [14] 2002 Respiratory Health UK Houses in Watcombe
Fairley [15] 2003 HIV (Adherence to antiretroviral therapy) Australia Sexual health clinic
Hughes [12] 2003 HIV (Mother to child transmission) Zambia and Uganda Health clinics
Levy [16] 2004 HIV (Adherence to antiretroviral therapy) Australia Ambulatory care clinic in a tertiary hospital
Priestly [22] 2004 Critical care UK NHS hospital trust
Bailey [18] 2004 Water-borne diseases South Africa Households
Grant [20] 2005 TB in HIV+ men South Africa Company health centre
Ciliberto [21] 2005 Childhood malnutrition Malawi National rehabilitation units
Chaisson [13] 2005 TB in HIV+ men Brazil HIV clinics