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Table 2 Study interventions

From: The stepped wedge trial design: a systematic review

Lead Author Date Nature of Intervention Level of 'stepping' Is 'stepping' randomised? Primary outcome measure
Gambia Hepatitis Study Group [4] 1987 Hepatitis B vaccination Vaccination team Yes Liver cancer rates/Vaccine efficacy
Cook [17] 1996 Educational programme Cohort Yes Health Behaviour Questionnaire measures
Wilmink [19] 1999 Screening programme Surgery and Individual Surgery – not stated; individual – yes Incidence and mortality of RAAAs
Somerville [14] 2002 Improvements to housing Sets of houses Yes Respiratory Health Symptoms
Fairley [15] 2003 Education programme and individual plans Not stated Yes Proportion of missed doses
Hughes [12] 2003 Provision of Nevirapine to pregnant HIV+ women Pre-natal clinic Not stated Mother to child HIV transmission
Levy [16] 2004 Education programme and individual plans Individual Yes Proportion of missed doses
Priestly [22] 2004 Critical care outreach teams Ward Yes – in pairs Rate of in-hospital deaths
Bailey [18] 2004 Provision of piped water to house yards District Not stated Water quality
Grant [20] 2005 Screening and Isoniazid therapy Individual Yes TB episodes >90 days after clinic entry
Ciliberto [21] 2005 Home-based therapy with ready to use therapeutic food Rehab unit Not stated Attainment WHZ score >-2/Death
Chaisson [13] 2005 Screening and treatment for TB Clinic Yes TB Incidence