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Table 1 Questionnaire for evaluation of QUADAS

From: Evaluation of QUADAS, a tool for the quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies

a) Review details
b) Content of the tool:
   • Did QUADAS cover all important items?
   • Were any QUADAS items omitted, added or modified?
c) Background document:
   • Was the background document easy to understand?
   • Were scoring instructions understandable?
   • Should any items have been scored differently?
d) Technical points
   • How long did it take to complete QUADAS?
   • Was inter-rater reliability assessed?
e) Overall conclusions
   • Reviewers were asked to rate coverage, ease of use, clarity of instructions, and validity (whether QUADAS helped to distinguish between studies of different qualities) on a five point scale
   • Would you us QUADAS again?
f) Additional questions
   • How were the results of quality incorporated into the review?
   • Was a training session organised to ensure reviewers applied the tool consistently?
   • Reviewer details, including age, experience, professional background
   • Have you previously been involved in the quality assessment of studies included in a systematic review?
g) Final comments