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Table 4 Drop out reasons in trials of Oral Anticoagulation

From: Assessing differential attrition in clinical trials: self-monitoring of oral anticoagulation and type II diabetes

Source Reasons Given for drop out in the intervention and control group
38 White 1989, US Difficulty performing measurements, no reason given and changed physician
29 Horstkotte 1998, Germany No reasons given
34 Sawicki 1999, Germany Died, refused to participate, stopped warfarin therapy
23 Beyth 2000, US Physical limitations such as severe arthritis or decreased vision. Patients also preferred alternative control method, stopped warfarin therapy or referred to a nursing home. A number of patients also decline to participate
24 Cromheecke 2000, Holland Progressive visual impairment
32 Kortke 2001, Germany Difficulties with the device, travel cost to high, illness/psychological, difficulties, lack of support form physician, illness or death in the family, lack of interest and preference for family physician
35 Sidhu 2001, UK Patients declined training due to distance from home and lack of confidence in technique. Difficulty obtaining samples, preference for general practitioner management and technical problems with the instrument
25 Fitzmaurice 2000, UK Did not attend training sessions, failed training assessment, loss of confidence in self – management and problems with manual dexterity.
27 Gadisseur 2003, Holland Patients could not find the time for training, excluded during training and not agreeing with the randomization process
28 Gardiner 2004, UK Poor compliance, serious illness, failure to attend training, visual problems, poor dexterity, difficulty obtaining sample, moved to another area and patient death
31 Khan 2004, UK Unable to self-monitor, discontinued warfarin before study completion
36 Sunderji 2004, Canada Stopped warfarin therapy, withdrawal of consent, difficulty with device, preference for physician management and adverse events
33 Menendez-Jandula 2005, Spain Declined before training mainly due to lack of self confidence, unable to cope with self-management and could not pass training course
37 Voller 2005, Germany No reasons given
26 Fitzmaurice 2005, UK Lost to follow up with no reason, withdrew consent, withdrawn at training stage, did not attend training, adverse event, discontinued warfarin, moved out of the area, and death
30 Katz Unpublished, US No drop outs reported
  1. § Coumatrack Monitor ‡ Coagucheck System ¤ Pro time Microcoagulation system ACC: Anticoagulation Clinic Care PCP: Primary Care physician managed SM: self adjusted treatment