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Table 1 a table summarising the key information from the databases identified as containing information on genetic association studies. Further information is available in the Supplementary information section. No of entries refers to the approximate number of different study reports contained within the specified database.

From: Online genetic databases informing human genome epidemiology

Name of Website Website URL Brief Description Host/Funding No. of Entries Date of last update Beyond-MEDLINE Utility Grade Accessibility Reference
Alzgene Regularly updated collection of published genetic association studies performed on Alzheimer Disease phenotypes, from database searches and journals' contents lists. Case and control data presented. Performs crude meta-analysis of odds ratios on request. Various >1000 Mar 2006 5 Freely available [14, 20]
Asthma and Allergy Gene Database* Database of published studies for phenotypes related to asthmatic disease. Databases of linkage and mutation information include results extracted from peer-reviewed publications Institut für Epidemiologie, Munchen >20,000 Dec 2003 3 Registered access only [21, 22]
Cytokine Gene Polymorphism in Human Disease Regularly updated database with Medline-based records from a systematic review of cytokine gene polymorphisms associated with human disease. Data extracted from two publications about the study University of Bristol/Genes and Immunity >100 Mar 2002 2 Freely available [23-25]
GDPinfo† Extensive information system including large published literature database (currently only Medline records), HuGE reviews, books and various types of reports. CDC >15,000 Mar 2006 4 Freely available [13, 26]
GenAtlas Regularly updated database of genes, phenotypes and references. Among numerous databases are brief sections on disorders associated with genes, with lists of citations. May be biased towards statistically significant results Université René Descartes, Paris >60,000 Feb 2006 2 Freely available [27]
GeneCanvas Database of cardiovascular candidate genes and their polymorphisms investigated at INSERM (Paris, France). Data include gene frequencies and linkage disequilibrium statistics Inserm >750 Oct 2005 4 Freely available  
Genetic Association Database Database of human genetic association studies of complex diseases and disorders, based on Medline records. Data Extracted from publications. NIH/National Institute on Aging and Center for Information Technology >8000 - 2 Freely available [28]
Human Obesity Gene Map Database Database of obesity-related genes, including P values for association and references. Biased in favour of statistically significant results. Pennington Biomedical Research Centre, Louisiana State University >100 Mar 2005 2 Freely available [29-34]
Infevers Database of genetic associations in hereditary inflammatory disorders, with voluntarily submitted entries. Submissions are validated by an editorial board member, Institut de Génétique Humaine, CNRS/European Union 5th framework >400 Aug 2005 4 Freely available [35]
MedGene Automated database of gene-disease association studies in Medline. Havard Medical School Unknown Apr 2005 1 Registered access only [36]
OMIM Database of human genes and genetic disorders, containing textual information with links to MEDLINE and sequence records in the Entrez system, and links to additional related resources at NCBI and elsewhere. Johns Hopkins University >16000 Mar2006 2 Freely available [37-39]
PharmGKB Database of genomic data and clinical information from participants in pharmacogenetics research studies. Welcomes submission of primary data. Stanford University/NIH >700 - 5 Registered access only [40]
T1DBase Database of type 1 diabetes data, including information from collaborating laboratories. Some indication given of unpublished data Institute for Systems Biology/JDRF International/JDRF/WT Diabetes and Inflammation laboratory >200 Mar2006 4 Freely available [41]
  1. *- No longer being updated due to lack of financial support
  2. † Reports included in the database may contain structured or unstructured data that are not from MEDLINE- indexed paper