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Table 1 Factor analysis using WHOQOL-Bref data from 623 Sudanese general population data

From: Confirmatory factor analytical study of the WHOQOL-Bref: experience with Sudanese general population and psychiatric samples

WHOQOL-Bref items F1: Life satisfaction F2: Sense of enjoyment F3: Environment F4: Social relations F5: Physical & mental health
Energy for life 0.68     
Accept body appearance 0.65     
Able to concentrate 0.62     
Satisfied with information 0.59     
Safety in daily life 0.57     
Activities of daily living 0.57     
Feel life meaningful 0.55     
Satisfaction work capacity 0.54     
Satisfaction with self 0.53     
Able to get around 0.49     
Overall QOL   0.75    
Overall health satisfaction   0.67    
Sleep satisfaction   0.57    
Enjoyment of life   0.46    
Leisure opportunities   0.46    
Access to health services    0.73   
Transport satisfaction    0.73   
Money for needs    0.58   
Living place satisfaction    0.56   
Physical environment    0.49   
Support from friends     0.61  
Sexual satisfaction     0.57  
Personal relations     0.57  
Need for medical treatment      0.85
Freedom from pain      0.83
No negative feelings      0.67**
  1. Note: ** Negative feelings loaded on Factor 6, but added now to Factor 5 for conceptual meaning and good fit in CFA