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Table 1 ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 coding scheme used to define variables in database

From: An administrative data merging solution for dealing with missing data in a clinical registry: adaptation from ICD-9 to ICD-10

Variables ICD-9-CM code ICD-10 code
Cerebrovascular disease 430.x–438.x G45.x, G46.x, H34.0, I60.x–I69.x
Pulmonary (COPD) 490.x–496.x, 500.x–505.x, 506.4 I27.8, I27.9, J40.x–J47.x, J60.x–J67.x, J68.4, J70.1, J70.3
Congestive heart failure 428.x I09.9, I11.0, I13.0, I13.2, I25.5, I42.0, I42.5–I42.9, I43.x, I50.x, P29.0
PVD 441.x, 443.9, 785.4, V43.4 I70.x–I71.x, I73.1–I73.9, I77.1, I79.0, I79.2, K55.1, K55.8, K55.9, Z95.8, Z95.9
   Mild Liver Disease 571.2, 571.5, 571.6, 571.4 B18.x, K70.0–K70.3, K70.9, K71.3–K71.5, K71.7, K73.x, K74.x, K76.0, K76.2–K76.4, K76.8, K76.9, Z94.4
   Peptic Ulcer Disease 531x–534.x K25–-K28.x
   Moderate Severe Liver Disease 572.2, 572.3, 572.4, 572.8, 456.0–456.21 I85.0, I85.9, I86.4, I98.2, K70.4, K71.1, K72.1, K72.9, K76.5–K76.7
Renal disease 582.x, 583.x, 584.x, 585.x, 586.x, 588.x I12.0, I13.1, N03.2–N03.7, N05.2–N05.7, N18.x, N19.x, N25.0, Z49.0–Z49.2, Z94.0, Z99.2
Malignancy/Metastatic disease 140.x–172.x, 174.x–208.x C00.x–C26.x, C30.x–C34.x, C37.x–C41.x, C43.x, C45.x–C58.x, C60.x–C76.x, C77.x–C80.x, C81.x–C85.x, C88.x, C90.x–C97.x
Hypertension 401.x–405.x I10.x, I11.x–I13.x, I15.x
Hyperlipidemia 272.0, 272.1, 272.2, 272.3, 272.4 E78.0–E78.5
Dialysis V42.0, V45.1, V56.0, V56.1, V56.8, 39.27, 39.42, 39.93–39.95, 54.98 Z49.x, Z99.2 Procedure codes: 1.KY.76, 1.OT.53, 1.PZ.21
Diabetes Type 1 250.0 – 250.9 with 5th digits 1 & 3 E10.x, E13.10, E13.12, E14.10, E14.12
Diabetes Type 2 250.0 – 250.9 with 5th digits 0 & 2 E11.x, E13.0, E14.0
Current Smoker 305.10, 305.11, 305.12 F17.x, T65.2, Z50.8, Z71.6, Z72.0, P04.2 Procedure codes*: 5.AD.14.BK, 7.SP.10.VK
Prior MI 412.x I25.2
   MI 410.x I21.x–I23.x
   Unstable angina 411.1, 413.0, 411.89, 411.81 I20.0, I24.x
   Stable angina 413.1, 413.9 I20.8, I20.9, I25.0, I25.1, I25.8, I25.9
   Other None of the above codes for indication present None of the above codes for indication present
Prior CABG V45.81 Z95.1
Prior PCI V45.82 Z95.5
  1. * Procedure codes can by found in ICD-10-CA/CCI (Canadian Classification of Health Interventions)