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Table 1 Duration, size and costs of four occupational intervention projects.

From: Workplace restructurings in intervention studies – a challenge for design, analysis and interpretation

  Project period Companies/organisations/municipalities involved Worksites Participants Research Costs Researchers employed§
Stockholm bus drivers 1999–2002 2 companies 3 garages 640 employees 0.25 mill. € 2 (+1)
Copenhagen bus drivers 1998–2003 6 companies at start 20 garages at start 3505 at baseline 2.2 mill. €* 1|| (+6)
Women at work 2000–2004 21 companies/municipalities 31 at baseline 2183 at baseline 2.1 mill. € 3 (+4)
Intervention Project on Absence and Well-being 1996–2001 2 municipal organisations 1 private company 52 at baseline 2730 employees 1919 respondents 0.5 mill. € 1 (+2)
  1. * The direct research costs.
  2. Half the funding was for research and evaluation, the other half for the interventions.
  3. Intervention activities were financed by the companies. The municipal workplaces used approx. 0.3 million Euro for external process consultants. All workplaces used money for activities and parts of the staffs working time for meetings, working groups etc.
  4. § Numbers in parentheses indicate senior researchers, researchers and research assistants working less than half time on the project or PhD students funded by the project.
  5. || The project leader was a senior researcher, employed full time throughout the project, except for one year on leave during the 3rd and 4th year of the project.
  6. ¶Two research assistants were working on the project throughout the period but the project manager changed in the middle of the project period.