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Table 1 Assessment of diagramming efficiency

From: The efficiency and effectiveness of utilizing diagrams in interviews: an assessment of participatory diagramming and graphic elicitation

  Measure Participatory
(Diagram A)
(Diagrams B/C)
1 Percentage of interviewees with explicit questions regarding instructions for completing diagramming method 31% (20/64)
Sample interviewee quotations:
"You want me to write it down?"
"I can just write words?"
"Do I have to draw people?"
"You want like a map?"
"This is supposed to be a flow-chart?"
"Does the drawing have to end with me?"
"Do you want me to talk as I am doing it?"
17% (11/64)
Sample interviewee quotations:
"Am I allowed to write on this?"
"Do you want me to write on here?"
"I can scribble all over it?"
"Do you want me to look from up to down?"
"So you want me to just start anywhere?"
2 Percentage of interviewees making explicit comments regarding discomfort with diagramming method 39% (25/64)
Sample interviewee quotations:
"I don't know how I would begin to draw the picture...I'm not very visual."
"I probably haven't done the systematic particularly well."
"It's hard to think right on the spot like this."
9% (6/64)
Sample interviewee quotations:
"I don't know how to explain this to you to get it right."
"Does that help? This is tricky."
"I didn't make that diagram very well for you."
"Does that make sense?"
3 Percentage of interviewees making explicit comments regarding a positive experience with diagramming method 0% (0/64) 5% (3/64)
Sample interviewee quotations:
"Interesting exercise, very interesting."
"I enjoyed this. This is fun"
"Hmmm, this is interesting!"
4 Percentage of interviewees able to complete task physically as instructed 84% (54/64)
The 16% (10/64) interviewees who did not create a diagram each made a point form list instead.
91% (58/64) made physical changes to Diagram B or C.
56% (36/64) made physical changes to both Diagram B and C.
The 9% (6/64) interviewees who did not make physical changes to the diagrams each made verbal comments reflecting edits that should be made to the diagrams.
5 Percentage of total interview time spent completing diagramming tasks (mean (range)) 12% (3–28%) 32% (2–59%)