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Table 1 Household recruitment results for recycled water exposure study

From: Maximising response rates in household telephone surveys

Parameter Target (recycled water) households Control (drinking water only) households
Total number of households 16,000 (approx) Unlimited
Households in the delimited AEC sampling frame 13,940 10,097
Households randomly selected from delimited electoral sampling frame for data matching with EWP database 3500 3500
Households with listed EWP telephone number 1995 1869
Number of introductory letters sent (pilot study) 295 143
Number of introductory letters sent* 1700 1726
Number of households successfully contacted by telephone* 1410 1444
Number of eligible# households successfully contacted by telephone* 1262 1401
Households with an invalid telephone number* 72 66
Number of completed interviews* 523 514
  1. AEC = Australian Electoral Commission EWP = Electronic White pages
  2. * = main study
  3. # Eligibility = persons of 18 years of age or older, residing in single housing units within suburbs of interest with sufficient command of English. For the target households an additional eligibility criterion was supply of recycled water