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Table 1 Major characteristics extracted from reviews published by the Cochrane Consumers and Communication Review Group

From: Building blocks for meta-synthesis: data integration tables for summarising, mapping, and synthesising evidence on interventions for communicating with health consumers

Description of main review characteristics and the data extracted from reviews for each characteristic
Aim Adapted from review objectives.
ScopeStudy design, Participants, Interventions, Comparison arms, Outcomes Adapted from review selection criteria; the number and type of studies and participant numbers included were also extracted.
Number and types of studies  
Number of participants  
Analysis Indicates whether meta-analysis and/or narrative data analysis was performed.
Setting Country and predominant settings in which included studies were conducted and interventions delivered.
Recipient Adapted from the Consumers and Communication Review Group scope, which groups reviews via direction of the communication processes (e.g. to the consumer; from the consumer; between provider and consumer; between consumers), so describing both the primary intervention recipient and the major direction of communication processes.
Provider Who delivered the intervention to the recipient. Also describes important characteristics such as experience or training required to deliver the intervention.
Format The predominant delivery format(s) of the intervention. May also include important characteristics such as frequency, intensity or delivery to individuals or groups.
Quality Quality of included studies: summary based on review authors' criteria used to rate included study quality and authors' assessment of included study quality.
  Quality of the review: based on AMSTAR; includes the overall quality score and summary of criteria that review methods failed to meet.
Authors' conclusions Authors' conclusions added as a composite of points raised in the Discussion and Implications (for practice, for research) sections of the Cochrane review.