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Table 1 Literature related to kappa

From: Measuring agreement of administrative data with chart data using prevalence unadjusted and adjusted kappa

Author Main contribution
Cohen[2] Investigate chance-corrected kappa agreement coefficient and its standard error, techniques for estimation, and hypothesis testing
Cohen[27] Provide weighted version of kappa for ordinal statistics
Fleiss et al[28] Investigate asymptotic variance formula for testing kappa and CI of kappa for general m × m table
Landis et al[29] Provide arbitrarily the range of kappa value to the degree of agreement
Fleiss[30], Landis et al[31] Extended kappa for more than 2 raters, and multiple categories
Bloch et al[5] Investigate intraclass kappa and its CI estimation
Cicchetti et al[3], Feinstein et al[4] Investigate the effect of bias and prevalence on kappa
Barlow[32] Investigate kappa statistics included covariates
Oden et al[33] Extended the kappa for paired-data
Byrt et al[9] Introduced prevalence-adjusted bias-adjusted kappa
Vach[22] The effects of prevalence and bias on kappa is negligible