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Table 1 ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 Codes to Define Co-morbidity Among Patients Referred for Sleep Diagnostic Testing

From: Data enhancement for co-morbidity measurement among patients referred for sleep diagnostic testing: an observational study

Co-morbidities Authors Algorithm ICD-10 diagnostic codes ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes Sensitivity Specificity PPV
Hypertension (with and without complication) Tu et al.[43] 2 physician claims in 3 years I10.x, I11.x–I13.x, I15.x 401.x, 402.x–405.x 73% 95% 87%
Diabetes (with and without complication) Hux et al.[44] 1 hospitalization or 2 physician claims in 2 years E10.0-E10.9, E11.0-E11.9, E12.0-E12.9, E13.0-E13.9, E14.0-E14.9 250.0–250.9 86% 97% 80%
Asthma Huzel et al.[45] 1 or more physician claims in 2 years J45.0, J45.1, J45.8, J45.9 490.0, 491.0, 492.0, 493.0 50.9% 98.1% NR
Myocardial Infarction Austin et al.[46] Primary discharge diagnosis of AMI in hospitalization database I21.x, I22.x, I25.2 410.x 88.8% 92.8% 88.5%
Congestive Heart Failure Lee et al.[47] Primary discharge diagnosis of CHF in hospitalization database I09.9, I11.0, I13.0, I13.2, I25.5, I42.0, I42.5–42.9, I43.x, I50.x, P29.0 428.x NR NR 94.3%
Cerebrovascular Accident/Transient Ischemic Attack Kokotailo and Hill[48] Primary discharge diagnosis of stroke in hospitalization database H34.1, I63.x, I64.x, I61.x, I60.x, G45.x 362.3, 430.x, 431.x, 433.x1, 434.x1, 435.x, 436 67% 97% 84%
COPD No Validated Algorithm J44 491.21, 493.2, 496 NR NR NR
Depression No Validated Algorithm F20.4, F31.3-F31.5, F32.x, F33.x, F34.1, F41.2, F43.2 296.2, 296.3, 296.5, 300.4, 309.x, 311 NR NR NR
Cardiac Arrhythmia No Validated Algorithm I44.1-I44.3, I45.6, I45.9, I47.x-I49.x, R00.0, R00.1, R00.8, T82.1, Z45.0, Z95.0 426.0, 426.1, 426.7, 426.9, 426.10, 426.12, 427.0–427.4, 427.6–427.9, 785.0, 996.01, 996.04, V45.0, V53.3 NR NR NR
  1. Abbreviations: NR = Not Reported