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Table 3 Strategies to enhance rigour in QD as proposed by Milne et al [2]

From: Qualitative description – the poor cousin of health research?

Strategies to enhance rigour in QD
Strategy Techniques
Authenticity The informants are free to speak
     Purposeful, flexible sampling
     Participant-driven data collection
  The informants' voices are heard
     Promoting richness rather than superficiality of data
     Conducting focus group interviews to diminish the role of the researcher
  Informants' perceptions are accurately represented
     Accurate transcription
     Content analysis (ensuring data-driven coding and categorizing)
Credibility Capturing and portraying a truly insider perspective
Criticality Reflection on the critical appraisal applied to every research decision
Integrity Reflecting on researcher bias
     Dual role (clinician/researcher/interviewer) during the interview
     Dual role in the process of analysing
  Informants' validations/member checking
  Peer review/researcher triangulation