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Table 2 Ticket of entry' to consult.

From: Deploying a clinical innovation in the context of actor-patient consultations in general practice: A prelude to a formal clinical trial

Session 1 Session 2
"Ongoing care" problem Request or problem "Ongoing care" problem Request or problem
Hypertension Repeat prescription for antihypertension medication. Angina Uncontrolled angina presenting as requiring repeated use of nitrate spray
Hypertension Repeat prescription for antihypertensive medication. Injury to chest Chest x-ray suggesting malignant pleural effusion.
Smoking Advice to quit smoking. Eczema Rash
Diabetes Routine referral to ophthalmologist Sore throat Antibiotics
Tennis elbow Review of symptoms of tennis elbow. Blood results Results of full blood count suggesting iron deficiency anaemia.