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Table 1 Summary of CATI and diary characteristics and data handling prior to statistical analysis

From: Collecting household water usage data: telephone questionnaire or diary?

Characteristic CATI Diary
Database design A$ $5000 $2360
Duration 15-20 min* Not applicable
Target number 500 200
Order of administration First Second (always Post CATI)
Recruitment strategy Electoral records and introductory letter $40 incentive (voucher)
Time period under investigation Immediate past week (in detail) and up to one year prior 7-day period only
Data entry onto ACCESS database Immediate (as telephone interview was conducted) Manual entry
Actions prior to interview/diary administration excluding initial mail-out and associated activities    - Questionnaire design    - Print diary cards
     - ACCESS database design    - Design and print diary instructions
      - Compile diary cards; pack and send*
      - Follow-up phone call to check diary pack receipt*
      - ACCESS database design
Actions subsequent to interview/diary completion    - Check data entry immediately following interview*    - Check diary cards for completion/legibility*
      - Tally number of uses recorded on cards*
      - Transfer data including tallies from diary card to ACCESS database*
      - Check 10-25% data transferral to database*
Estimated number of hours labour per completed CATI/diary (for * activities) 30 min 1 hr 25 min