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Table 1 Eligibility algorithm for the Vital D Study: A total score of at least 5 points was needed to be eligible for participation in the study.

From: Trials and tribulations of recruiting 2,000 older women onto a clinical trial investigating falls and fractures: Vital D study

"Faller" Self-reported or assessed as high risk of falling by the P rimar y C are P hysician 5  
Any Fracture Since age of 50 years 5  
High risk of low vitamin "D" Avoids sun, wears protective/cultural clothing regularly uses sunscreen and/or have dark skin 5  
Osteoporosis Bone density T-score at spine or hip >-2.5 5  
Osteopenia Bone density T-score at spine or hip -1.0 to -2.5 2  
Aged > 80 years   2  
Maternal hip fracture   1  
Thinness BMI < 20 or current weight less than that at age 25 1  
Self rated health as fair or worse (excellent/good/fair/poor/very poor) 1  
Poor vision Self reported or assessed by primary care physician 1  
No walking exercise "Do you walk outside your house or yard regularly?" 1  
On feet < 4 hours per day   1  
Inability to rise from a chair without using arms 1  
Caffeine intake > Two cups of coffee or 4 cups of tea per day 1  
Smoker Current 1  
Long-acting benzodiazepines Current use 1  
Anticonvulsant Current use 1  
History of thyrotoxicosis   1  
Resting pulse > 80/min   1  
  SCORE ≥ 5 = eligible for Vital D Study (Check exclusions listed below) TOTAL  
Hypercalcemia Baseline serum corrected calcium > 2.65 mmol/L   
Bone-trophic medication Current use; HRT, bisphosphonate, SERM, calcitriol, Vitamin D supplement > 400 IU/day   
Renal disease Creatinine > 150 μmol/L or no known renal disease   
Sarcoidosis, TB or lymphoma