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Table 1 Comparison of Meta-Analysis Software

From: Meta-Analyst: software for meta-analysis of binary, continuous and diagnostic data

  Stata/WinBUGS R/OpenBUGS MIX CMA RevMan Meta-Analyst
Operating system Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac, Linux Windows Windows Windows, Mac, Linux Windows
Version 10 2.6 1.7 2 5.0.18 Beta 1.0
Price $785* FREE FREE $1,295 FREE FREE
Import data  
Meta-analysis interface/routines Macros Macros Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Single group
Fixed effects
Random effects
Multilevel models
Random effects meta-regression
Bayesian models
Cumulative meta-analysis
Subgroup analysis
Small study effects (Publication bias tests)**
Binary data
Continuous data
Diagnostic test data
Documentation of methods
Forest plot
Funnel plot
HSROC - bivariate meta-analysis
Point and click plot editing
Programming capabilities
Leave one out sensitivity
Results format RTF RTF MS Excel RTF, PowerPoint RevMan PDF, RTF, image files
  1. * Intercooled Stata for a single processor, educational licence. Other versions are more expensive.
  2. One group analysis available for continuous outcomes only.
  3. **Recent empirical research challenges the routine use of the so-called "publication bias diagnostics" [1921].
  4. RTF: Rich text format (can be opened in MS Word); SROC: summary receiver operating characteristic curve