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Table 1 UC diagnostic test datasets used in the analysis

From: A holistic comparative analysis of diagnostic tests for urothelial carcinoma: a study of Cxbladder Detect, UroVysion® FISH, NMP22® and cytology based on imputation of multiple datasets

Dataset Study/publication Original dataset, n Data analyzed (UC/non-UC) Cytology NMP22 FISH Cxbladder Detect
1 Pacific Edge Limited, NZ [18] 476, Primary detection 63/411  
2 Canterbury Urology Research Trust, Canterbury, NZ (Pacific Edge Limited, Unpublished data) 94, Primary detection 6/74   
3 North Shore Hospital, Takapuna, NZ (Pacific Edge Limited, Unpublished data) 84, Primary detection 5/63   
4 Kamat, USA [19] 200, Secondary monitoring 6/187  
5 Clinical Trials USA (Pacific Edge Limited, Unpublished data) 124, Secondary monitoring 9/115
  1. The closed symbol (•) indicates that the test was carried out in the study. A gap indicates that the test was not carried out. Data analyzed differs from the study population as any patient samples either without diagnosis or where only one test result was available were discarded. Primary detection means the study population was composed of patients presenting with hematuria prior to UC diagnosis. Secondary monitoring means that patients were presenting after primary UC diagnosis and treatment