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Table 3 Outcomes of attempted home visits, for opt-in and opt-out arms of the trial (the number and percentage in each arm are shown)

From: A randomised controlled trial comparing opt-in and opt-out home visits for tracing lost participants in a prospective birth cohort study

Number of participants referred to interviewer for home visit Opt-in N = 15 Opt-out N = 139
Participant traceable 6 (40 %)a 77 (55 %)
Discussion took place 4 (27 %)a 54 (39 %)
Consent to ALSPAC given 4 (27 %)a 46b(33 %)
  1. aWould have been 3 (100 %) if ‘returned to sender’ not included
  2. bIncludes one participant who preferred to give consent by telephone