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Table 1 Identified weaknesses of the French clinical research environment and remedial actions undertaken to make it more attractive and competitive [1217]

From: Early results from a multi-component French public-private partnership initiative to improve participation in clinical research – CeNGEPS: a prospective before-after study

Identified weaknesses Remedial actions
Disinterest in industry-sponsored clinical research Creation of a single-point of contact for industries by funding the following posts:
• No clearly-identified referent • Inter-regional contact point for industry
• Industrial referent (and administrative assistant) in the DCRI in each teaching hospital
• Positive image of French clinical research by the professionalism and dynamic structures with a culture of results, particularly in terms of patient recruitment delays and objectives
Fragmented clinical research resources between research institutes and hospitals/clinics • No additional structure but annual call for proposals for CRT posts to strengthen the existing inter-regional structures
• Development of tools for feasibility surveys
• Funding of CRTs in non-teaching hospitals to increase capacity for patient recruitment
Confusion about the meaning of ‘network’ Annual funding call for ‘support for clinical investigation network’:
• In the hospital setting, ‘network’ is often associated with care or healthcare networks • Development of a thematic national clinical investigation networks for international collaborations
• Definition of missions and clear added value
• Development of standards and performance criteria
No common information system Development of SIGREC, an information system dedicated to the administrative management and follow-up of clinical trials (industry-sponsored and investigator initiated)
• Faster implementation of clinical trials
• One-stop information source for all sites – assess availability for new trials
• Long-term aim – to reduce paperwork and provide statistics on number of studies/investigator etc.
Long delay before clinical trial implementation • Development of model contracts and financial
• Appendices (in French and English) ➔ save time
• In 2014, possibility to set up contract via SIGREC (paperless environment)
Isolated investigators • Almost 500 qualified clinical research staff have been hired and trained via three calls for proposals
• Rarely associated with specific, qualified CRTs or other staff • These staff are dedicated to industry-sponsored clinical research
• The professionalism of the teams and the improved organisations of the sites have contributed to a more attractive and competitive clinical research environment in France
  1. DCRI Department of Clinical Research and Innovation, CRT clinical research technician