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Table 2 Summary of the structuring and support actions undertaken by CeNGEPS

From: Early results from a multi-component French public-private partnership initiative to improve participation in clinical research – CeNGEPS: a prospective before-after study

Structuring actions 1. Aid to establish sites of excellence recognised by the hospital clinical research inter-regions:
Annual call for proposals for the seven clinical research inter-regions to fund dedicated CRTs and other qualified staff to help coordinate studies and patient inclusion (pre-screening and screening)
2. Aid to establish national networks:
Annual call for proposals for the 23 national clinical investigation networks for project managers and network animators and the implementation of a database
Support actions  i. Collaborative development of models for contracts, financial annexes and national harmonisation of documents between hospitals/clinics and industrial sponsors in conjunction with a unique industrial office and contact point in the hospitals/clinics
 ii. Automatic tool to assess the patient database to prevent study sites closing with no patients included (estimated to cost sponsors about €12 000/centre) through feasibility surveys
 iii. Aid for the development of potential investigators and access to patients in non-teaching hospitals/clinics
 iv. National programmes for professionalization and training in clinical research to guarantee quality
 v. Increasing public awareness about clinical research and its importance in society via a website ( which went live in April 2010; 329 760 visits and 1 346 883 pages seen up to August 2013