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Table 2 Proposed key methodological criteria to report in scenario projects

From: Using the scenario method in the context of health and health care – a scoping review


Aim of the scenario project

 • Does the word “scenario project (planning, approach…)” appear in the title along with the topic of primary interest?

 • Is the topic of interest clearly described?

 • What are the proposed implications?

 • Are the target groups and/or stakeholders specified?

 • Is there a clear time horizon?

Framework of the scenario project

 • Are the preconditions and presuppositions well described?

 • Is the process of developing the areas of influence, key factors, and future projections adequately described?

 • Who is involved (description of scenario development team and participants/experts)?

 • Is the background of participants/experts clear?

 • How will participants/experts be selected or excluded?

Methodological approach of the scenario project

 • Is the specific scenario technique used (e.g. only narrative, consistence analysis, cross-impact analysis) well described?

 • If any, is the mathematical approach well described?

 • How is the mathematical approach transformed/implemented in software (if applicable)?

 • Is there any combination with other methods like the Delphi technique?

 • Is the presentation of the scenario development process adequate?

 • Are the scenarios presented in a sound manner (to the specified target groups/stakeholders)?

Impact of the scenario project

 • Are there any recommendations for different target groups/stakeholders?

 • What are the next steps after the scenario project?