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Table 2 Example of descriptive data extraction sheet

From: The use of purposeful sampling in a qualitative evidence synthesis: A worked example on sexual adjustment to a cancer trajectory

  Walker (2012)
Data collection Interviews together as a couple, unstructured interviews
Method Grounded theory methodology
Research question/ goal To present the struggles that these couples faced when trying to adapt sexually to the side effects of prostate cancer treatment
Sample characteristics (Age, sex) 18 heterosexual couples
(m 47-83 years)
(f 32 -82 years)
Age patients: 65,4 y
Age partners: 61 y
Ethnicity: Euro-canadian or American heritage, 1 who was Afro-American
Type of cancer treatment: Prostate cancer, all undergoing Adrogen Deprivation Therapy
Concepts an uncomfortable feeling about masturbation the avoidance of the topic of sexuality by the partners the more romantic husband ….
Main theoretical arguments Whether couples choose to maintain sexual activity or cease engaging in sexual activity, they BOTH encounter a variety of struggles and for both choices, these struggles can be successfully overcome