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Table 4 Demographics of participants in both cohorts

From: Exploring how individuals complete the choice tasks in a discrete choice experiment: an interview study

   Rotavirus cohort (n = 35) Prostate cancer-screening cohort (n = 35)
   Mean (SD) Mean (SD)
Age in years   30.4 (4.5) 67.6 (5.5)
   Proportion (%) Proportion (%)
Gender Female 94.3 0
Educationa Lower 45.7 48.6
  Higher 54.3 51.4
Health literacyb High subjective score 100 100
  High objective score 100 55.9
  1. aEducational level was dichotomized into a higher and a lower educational level, whereby a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree were defined as a higher educational level and all other educational levels were defined as a lower educational level
  2. bHigh subjective score includes participants with a score >2 on the SBSQ-D. High objective score includes participants with a score of 4–6 on the NVS-D