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Table 1 Extracts from the HCS-HES database corresponding to participants with different patterns of follow-up

From: Identification of risk factors for hospital admission using multiple-failure survival models: a toolkit for researchers

Extract 1: Dates of clinic visit, admission, discharge and death in the linked HCS-HES admissions file
ID Gender Clinic Admission date Discharge date Date of death
1 Male 17-Sep-00 . . .
2 Female 14-Jan-00 . . 23-Jun-07
3 Female 23-Feb-01 06-Mar-06 09-Mar-06 .
4 Male 20-May-01 08-Apr-03 27-Apr-03 .
4 Male 20-May-01 24-May-03 05-Jun-03 .
5 Female 18-Sep-00 28-Jan-04 15-Feb-04 01-Mar-05
5 Female 18-Sep-00 13-Jan-05 16-Jan-05 01-Mar-05
  1. Information in the column 'Gender' is obtained from the HCS dataset. More information in the HCS dataset such as participants’ socio-demographic, lifestyle and clinical characteristics at baseline is also included in the linked HCS-HES admissions file