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Table 6 Cronbach’s alpha values and Spearman’s correlation coefficient of the DTCQ-8 for other drugs

From: Cross-cultural adaptation of the drug-taking confidence questionnaire drug version for use in Brazil

DTCQ-8 for other drugs Total item correlationa r Alpha if item deleted
1. If, for some reason, I was angry 0.780 0.837
2. If I had trouble sleeping 0.871 0.863
3. If I remember anything good that happened 0.675 0.818
4. If I wanted to test whether I can use ______ sometimes without becoming dependent on it 0.883 0.869
5. If I find any drugs of _______ or see something that I could remember the act of using _______ 0.551 0.815
6. If someone treats me unjustly or gets in the way of my plans 0.890 0.868
7. If I was with friends and they insisted on going somewhere for use of _______ 0.665 0.786
8. If I wanted to celebrate with a friend 0.877 0.876
  1. Source: Own compilation. aSpearman’s rank correlation coefficient. Note: Cronbach’s Alpha for the complete instrument was 0.889