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Table 1 Selection of source records and linked records received by researchers for the Mothers and Gestation in Custody (MAGIC) study

From: Preparing linked population data for research: cohort study of prisoner perinatal health outcomes

  Admitted Patient Data Collection (APDC-M) Pharmaceutical Drugs of Addiction System (PDAS) Offender Integrated Management System (OIMS) Perinatal Data Collectiona (PDC) Admitted Patient Data Collection (APDC-N) Register of Congenital Conditionsb (RoCC)
Selection rules MHc diagnosis; aged 18–44 years; admitted Jul 00–Dec 06 Authorised for OSTd Jan 98–Dec 06; aged 18–44 years Incarcerated Jan 98–Dec 06; aged 18–44 years Birth Jan 98–Dec 06; mother aged 18–44 years Admitted Jul 00–Jan 07; aged 0–28 days Birth Jan 00–Dec 06
  <-------------Linked by mother --------------> <------- Linked by baby ------->
Event MHc admission Authority for OSTd Incarceration Maternitya Birtha Neonatal episode  
 Selectede 230,139 563,547 202,500  
 Receivede 60,464f 14,481f 9,042f 93,284 94,996f 37,081f  
Person Woman admitted with MHM Woman authorised for OST Prisoner Mother Baby Ill neonate Baby with anomaly
 Selectede 81,896 12,526 10,372 404,144 563,547 9,945
 Linked 27,511 3,008 3,087 28,973 42,724 32,888 1,384f
 Unlinked 37,504 52,272
Total 27,511 3,008 3,087 66,477 94,996 32,888 1,384
  1. Notes:
  2. a PDC birth records are unique to a mother-baby pair
  3. b RoCC were provided as person-based records. Person identifiers are removed from the register after 5 years
  4. c Mental health (MH) admission episodes include one or more ICD10-AM [11] diagnoses of a psychiatric disorder (F00-F09, F20-F99), self-harm (X60-X84, Y10-Y19, Y87.0, Z91.5), drug use (F11-F19, T40, T42, T43), alcohol use (E24.4, F10, G31.2, G62.1, G72.1, I426, K29.2, K70, K86.0, O35.4, R78.0, T51, X45, X65, Y15, Y57.3, Y90, Y91, Z50.2, Z71.4, Z72.1), or flagged as a psychiatric admission
  5. d OST is opiate substation therapy
  6. e The number of records supplied by source data custodians for record linkage were reported to researchers by the CHeReL. Received records were those made available to researchers after linkage or generated from the data received
  7. f The six data sets that were received by researchers
  8. … not available – not applicable