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Table 3 Research timeline and activities

From: Should we embed randomized controlled trials within action research: arguing from a case study of telemonitoring

Timeline Oct 2008 Early 2009 Nov 2009 Sept 2010 – Aug 2011 Ended Jun 2012
Main activity Identify and define the research problem Ethics approval Procure technology Execute RCT Project close-off
Site A: Sep 2010 – Aug 2011
Site B: Dec 2010 – Apr 2011
Site C: Sep 2010 – Feb 2011
Objectives Design research protocol Refine protocol Funding granted Refine and finalise RCT protocol Analyse data
Recruit researchers Identify participants Submit tender Enrol patient and clinician participants Retrieve monitoring equipment.
Apply for funding Confirm research team Recruit vendor Recruit research assistants Reports in journals
Confirm data gathering tools Refine RCT protocol Use suite of data gathering tools Disseminate results to participating District Health Boards
Confirm recruitment processes Refine clinical pathways Analyse data
Confirm patient and clinician participant recruitment process