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Table 1 Linear mixed effects models listed according to their random effects structure

From: Modelling multiple thresholds in meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies

Model Specification
DIDS Different random intercepts and different random slopes
CIDS Common random intercept and different random slopes,
  a0s=a1s=a s
DICS Different random intercepts and common random slope,
  b0s=b1s=b s
CICS Common random intercept and common slope,
  a0s=a1s=a s , b0s=b1s=b s
DS Different random slopes,
CS Common random slope,
  a0s=a1s=0, b0s=b1s=b s
DI Different random intercepts,
CI Common random intercept,
  a0s=a1s=a s , b0s=b1s=0