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Table 1 Studies that reported testing for interactions, and/or comparing subgroups in an SCCS modeling context

From: The use of relative incidence ratios in self-controlled case series studies: an overview

Study a Exposure Outcomes Interaction Tested Estimates/RIR/int. p-value reported
Wilson et al. [11] 12 month MMR vaccination ER visits + admissions Sex yes/yes/yes
Kwong et al. [26] Influenza illness and influenza immunization Guillain-Barré syndrome Age, sex, month of vaccination yes/no/yes
Benchimol et al. [13] Influenza vaccination ER visits + admissions + physician visits IBD flares IBD versus healthy controls yes/yes/yes
Wilson et al. [10] 2, 4, 6 (DTaP) and 12 month (MMR) vaccination ER visits + admissions SES (Neighborhood income quintiles) yes/yes/yes
Hawken et al. [23] Acellular/whole cell pertussis vaccine ER visits + admissions Whole cell (1994–1996) versus acellular pertussis vaccine (1998–2000) yes/yes/yes
Wilson et al. [12] 2 month vaccination ER visits + admissions Preterm versus full term infants yes/yes/yes
Wilson et al. [8] 2, 4, 6 and 12 month vaccination ER visits + admissions Quintiles of birthweight yes/yes/yes
Connolly-Anderson et al. [27] Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome Acute myocardial infarction and stroke Sex yes/no/yes
Langan et al. [28] Herpes Zoster infection Stroke Antiviral Therapy yes/no/yes
Dodd et al. [29] H1N1 vaccination Guillain-Barré syndrome Age, sex, adjuvanted vs. non-adjuvanted vaccine, concomitant seasonal flu vaccine yes/no/yes
Butt et al. [30] Antihypertensives Falls Sex yes/no/yes
Andrews et al. [31] MMR vaccination Thrombocytopenic purpura Country yes/no/yes
Tokars et al. [32] H1N1 and seasonal influenza vaccination Guillain-Barré syndrome age, sex, vaccine type, received season flu vaccine, site yes/no/yes
Pariente et al. [33] Antipsychotic use Myocardial infarction Previous history of cardiovascular disease no/no/nob
Warren-Gash et al. [34] Influenza vaccination Acute MI Age group, sex, type of infarction, and history of vascular disease yes/no/yes
Tse et al. [35] Influenza vaccination Febrile seizures concomitant 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13), age yes/yes/yes
Gwini et al. [36] Influenza vaccination Acute myocardial infarction Age, sex yes/no/yes
Pattenden et al. [37] Heat Exposure Mortality Ozone levels yes/yes/yes
Andrews et al. [38] Acellular pertussis/whole cell pertussis vaccine Convulsions, Whole cell period vs. acellular period yes/yes/yes
Douglas et al. [39] Thiazolidinediones Fractures Rosiglitazone versus pioglitazone yes/no/yes
Miller et al. [40] MMR Convulsions and aseptic meningitis Vaccine Manufacturer, Concomitant MCC vaccination vs. separate yes/no/yes
Game et al. [41] Initiation of dialysis Foot ulceration Haemodialysis vs. ambulatory peritoneal dialysis no/no/noa
Miller et al. [42] MMR vaccination Gait Disturbance doses of thimerisol containing vaccines by 4 months, \ mercury exposure intensity by 6 months yes/no/yes
Sardinas et al. [43] Oral polio vaccine Intussusception age no/no/yes
  1. aStudies reported above the gray dividing bar are studies published by the authors and their collaboratorsbReported that interaction was tested and did not reach statistical significance