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Table 2 Summary of the inclusion and exclusion criteria at screening

From: Rationale and design of mDOT-HuA study: a randomized trial to assess the effect of mobile-directly observed therapy on adherence to hydroxyurea in adults with sickle cell anemia in Tanzania

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Hemoglobin SS genotype Chronic transfusion program as defined by participating in a scheduled (pre-planned) series of transfusions for prophylactic purposes or a hemoglobin A level >20 % of the total hemoglobin
Age ≥18 years and living in Dar es Salaam Haemoglobin <4.0 g/dL
Male or female (post-menopausal, sterile, or using an acceptable method of contraception) HIV positive
Negative urine pregnancy test at Screening and a negative urine pregnancy test (dipstick) prior to randomization and dosing Female planning to become pregnant during the study period
Absolute neutrophil count >1500/uL Serious mental (including psychosis) or physical illness, which, in the opinion of the investigators would compromise participation in the study (e.g. impaired mental capacity, alcoholism)
Platelet count >95,000/uL Any condition which the investigators judge to preclude safe participation in the study or to confound the evaluation of the study outcome
Serum creatinine <100 μmol/L (1.2 mg/dL)  
Alanine transaminase less than two times the upper limit of normal  
Being able and willing to record and submit videos electronically.