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Table 1 Different models of care

From: Multiple and mixed methods in formative evaluation: Is more better? Reflections from a South African study

Site 1 Site 2 Site 3
Clients on TB treatment received directly observed therapy with a LHW for the first month of treatment. Thereafter, treatment was self-administered with LHW support visits. LHWs monitored ART clients daily for the first two weeks of treatment. For the next two weeks, stable clients were visited weekly and thereafter they received one or two visits per month. Clients doing not well on ART were more closely monitored and often referred back to the clinic. TB treatment and ART followed the same strategy: after two weeks of clinic-based treatment, monthly medication was supplied to clients who were assessed as being adherent to treatment. These clients then self-administered their treatment with weekly LHW support visits. DOT was administered to all TB clients. The ART protocol was the same as in Site 1.