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Table 5 Participants in, and data collected for, each sub-study

From: Multiple and mixed methods in formative evaluation: Is more better? Reflections from a South African study

Sub-study Participants Data collection
1. Time-and-motion 18 LHWs; 50% of the LHWs across the three sites including the four team leaders (Site 3 had two team leaders) • The team leaders were observed whilst working in the clinic (26 hours)
• The LHWs were accompanied on their treatment and adherence support visits (33 hours)
2. Client survey 226 clients (19% living with TB; 51% with HIV/AIDS; and 30% co-infected with TB and HIV) across the three study sites, as follows:
• Site 1 = 31% (Female = 49%)
• Site 2 = 31% (Female = 63%)
• Site 3 = 38% (Female = 68%)
All respondents were over 18 years of age
The questionnaire comprised clients’ assessment of:
(i) LHW-visits
(ii) TB and/or HIV counseling at the clinic
(iii) Routine TB and/or HIV services at the clinic
(iv) TB clients’ treatment location preference
(v) Clients’ general knowledge of TB and HIV/AIDS
3. Structured observations Four LHWs (all female) and seven clients Five visits; two were with couples
The observation times ranged between 30 to 60 minutes
4. Interviews Two team leaders (both female); four LHWs (all female); two NGO managers (both female); two health facility staff (one male, one female); three health authority managers (all female) Apart from the team leaders and LHWs, separate interview-schedules were drafted for each participant, given their different roles in the programme
5. Client diary keeping Participant 1: Female, ± 40 years old, living with HIV/AIDS, audio-and visual diaries
Participant 2: Male, 30 years old, on TB/HIV treatment, audio and visual diaries
Participant 3: Female, between 30 and 36 years old, on TB/HIV treatment, audio-diary
Participant 4: Male, 31 years old, living with HIV/AIDS, visual diary
Participant 5: Male, 39 years old, living with HIV/AIDS, audio and visual diaries
The duration of participation ranged from four to nine months