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Table 6 Recommendations: Informations that Should be Specified in Future CTRSS Assessment Reporting from the CTRSS User Point of View

From: Leveraging the EHR4CR platform to support patient inclusion in academic studies: challenges and lessons learned

Normalizing Eligibility Criteria
1- The number of free-text eligibility criteria, and their complexity;
2- The terminologies and syntax that have been used to represent eligibility criteria;
3- The concordance between the original free-text eligibility criteria and the final computable criteria;
4- The quality of the mapping, i.e., the proportion of concepts that have been successfully mapped;
5- If human expertise is necessary at each step of the process and how it could affect the results;
Time Issue
6- How often the EHR has been queried and for what period of time;
Structured Data Completeness of EHR
7- The completeness of the database(s) for each eligibility criterion, i.e. is the data available and for what proportion of patients?
8- If the platform was used to query structured data, unstructured data or both;
9- How the issue of data completeness has been managed: not managed, with scoring, Bayesian network, free text mining using natural language processing tools…