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Table 5 Information gained in the analysis process for costs and QALY in both arms

From: On the censored cost-effectiveness analysis using copula information

Modelisation process Control arm Acupuncture arm
Kendall’s tau \((\hat {\tau }_{K})\) −0.1065 −0.1232
QALY distribution \(T_{adj} \sim \mathcal {N}(\hat {\mu }_{T_{adj}}=0.7083, \hat {\sigma }_{T_{adj}}=0.1118)\) \(T_{adj} \sim \mathcal {N}(\hat {\mu }_{T_{adj}}=0.7268, \hat {\sigma }_{T_{adj}}=0.1190)\)
Costs statistics \(\hat {\mu }_{C}=217.20\) \(\hat {\mu }_{C}=403.40 \)
  \(\hat {\sigma }_{C}=486.00\) \(\hat {\sigma }_{C}=356.59\)
Costs distribution \(C \sim logN(\hat {\nu }_{C}=4.4844, \hat {\tau }_{C}=1.3390)\) \(C \sim logN(\hat {\nu }_{C}=5.7111, \hat {\tau }_{C}=0.7600)\)
Selected copula family Gaussian Student (t)
Copula parameter \((\hat {\theta })\) −0.1664 −0.1923