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Table 1 Retention strategy themes [4, 5]

From: Participant retention practices in longitudinal clinical research studies with high retention rates

Strategies Definition
Community Involvement Involve community in study design, recruitment, and retention
Study Identity Create a study identity (e.g. study logo and/or using similar colors and fonts on all study materials)
Study Personnel Characteristics, training, and management of study personnel
Study Description Explain study requirements and details, including potential benefits and risks to study participants
Contact and Scheduling Methods Use of a systematic method for patient contact, appointment scheduling, and cohort retention monitoring
Reminders Provide reminders about appointments and study participation
Visit Characteristics Minimize participant burden through characteristics and procedures of follow-up study clinic
Benefits of Study Provide benefits to participants and families that are directly related to the nature of the study
Financial Incentives Provide financial incentives or payment
Reimbursements Provide reimbursement for research-related expenses or tangible support to facilitate participation
Non-financial Incentives Tokens of appreciation
Special Tracking Methods Methods of tracking or dealing with hard-to-find participants