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Table 1 Summary of all indices for assessing case-finding

From: Comparison of surveillance-based metrics for the assessment and monitoring of disease detection: simulation study about type 2 diabetes

Index Formula Remark
ω 1 \(\tfrac {p_{2}}{p_{1} + p_{2}}\) Percentage of diagnosed over total cases
ω 2 \(\tfrac {p_{1}}{p_{0} + p_{1}}\) Inverse of the average number of persons without a diagnosis whom a physician must see in order to meet one undiagnosed case
DR γ (t,a) \(\tfrac {\lambda _{1}(t + \gamma, a + \gamma)}{\lambda _{0}(t, a)}\) Rate ratio of diagnosing a person exactly γ years after contracting the disease
CDR DR0 ω 2 Case detection ratio
Φ γ (t,a) λ 0(t,a) P γ(dead)(t,a) Number of healthy persons aged a at t who die with at most γ years of undiagnosed disease