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Table 1 Summary of methods and reporting used in the meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy data

From: Evidence synthesis to inform model-based cost-effectiveness evaluations of diagnostic tests: a methodological review of health technology assessments

Assessment Item No. of meta-analyses (/22)
Primary model used to pool accuracy data
 Bivariate or HSROC model 20
 Independent models for sensitivity and specificity 2
Pooled accuracy statistics reported
 Sensitivity and specificity 22
 Positive and negative likelihood ratio 11
 Positive and negative predictive value 1
 Diagnostic odds ratio 9
 Area under the ROC curve 1
Exploration of Heterogeneity
 Subgroup analysis 14
 Multivariable adjustment 3
 Heterogeneity quantified (e.g. using I2 measure) 11
Presentation of Results
 Forest plot 16
 Plot in ROC space/summary ROC curve 18
Investigation of Threshold Effects
 Evaluated a quantitative index test 7 (excluding 1 IPD analysis)
 Existence of threshold effect clearly identified 4
 Clear threshold recommendations presented 2