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Table 1 Salutogenically-focused outcomes identified by Smith et al. [1] and mapped to Downe et al. [10]

From: Protocol for the development of a salutogenic intrapartum core outcome set (SIPCOS)

Smith et al. [1]
Salutogenically-focused outcomes
Downe et al. [10]
Positive pregnancy experience
Maternal satisfaction with care/experience Positive labour and birth
Breastfeedinga (e.g. initiation, duration, success)  
Controla (perceived/personal control) Autonomy
Maternal parenting confidence Maternal self-esteem; Competence
Positive relationship with baby/bonding Positive mothering
Wellbeing (mother/father; psychological/emotional) Healthy pregnancy/healthy baby
Caregiver experience/satisfactiona  
Viewsa (mother’s and/or father’s)  
Mobile during labour  
Spontaneous Vaginal Birth Normal birth
Pregnancy prolongation  
Spontaneous rupture of membranes  
Intact perineum  
Maternal perception of pain experienceda  
  1. apositive reference