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Table 3 Factor loadings of exploratory factor analysis with two factors (n = 65,306)

From: Evaluation of a modified version of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory-Short Form

Item Factor loadings
Factor 1 Factor 2
I am able to do good things with my life. 0.90  
I have an appreciation for the value of my own life. 0.82  
I know that I can handle difficulties. 0.80  
I established a path for my life. 0.77  
I prioritize what is important in life. 0.69  
I have a sense of closeness with others. 0.68  
I’m stronger than I thought I was. 0.57  
I have learned a great deal about how wonderful people are. 0.51 0.32
I have compassion for others. 0.46 0.29
I have religious faith.   0.87
I have understanding of spiritual matters.   0.69
  1. Factors with an absolute loading <0.20 not shown