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Table 4 Abbreviated RepeAT framework with example variablesa

From: Repeat: a framework to assess empirical reproducibility in biomedical research

Publication Overview and Bibliographic Information (21 items)
 Article Title Text
 DOI Text
 Is the research hypothesis-driven or hypothesis-generating? Hypothesis Driven
Hypothesis Generating
Database and Data Collection (63 items)
 Publication states database(s) source(s) of data? Yes/No
bPublication states database(s) source(s) of data in the following location: Not Stated
Supplementary materials
Body of Text
 Query methodology Manual extraction
Digital extraction through query interface
Digital extraction through honest broker
Not Applicable/Not Stated
bDoes the shared query script for database contain comments and/or notations for ease of reproducibility? Yes/No
Methods: Data Mining and Cleaning (19 items)
 Does the research involve natural language processing or text mining? Yes/No
bPlease list all software applications used for text mining:
 Please enter all that apply separated by a semi-colon
bIs the text mining software application proprietary or open?
 If multiple applications were used, please select all options that apply.
1. Proprietary
2. Mixed
3. Open
Methods: Data Analysis (15 items)
 Does the author state analysis methodology and process? Yes/No
 Does the author indicate the software used to develop the analysis code? Yes/No
bIs the analysis software proprietary or open? Proprietary
Data Sharing and Data Documentation (36 items)
 Is the finalized dataset shared? Yes
bWhere is the finalized dataset shared? Affiliated Research Center Website
Author’s Institution or Department Website
Data Registry
Journal or Publication’s Website
 Is there a clear process for requesting the data? Yes
  1. aThe full Framework can be found in the Additional file 4: Appendix as well as online within this project's Github repository ( and our project's Open Science Framework project management tool (Additional file 3:
  2. bIndicates items that are shown only if a specific response to another item has been selected using skip-logic