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Table 1 All publications identified by our analysis with the reported translation steps undertaken

From: Reporting of the translation and cultural adaptation procedures of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination version III (ACE-III) and its predecessors: a systematic review

Authors Year ACE Language MTRQ MCAR Translation Back Translation Users in co-production Expert Recommendations Revisions based on step by step feedback Involvement of original authors Pilot Study
Alexopoulos et al. [16] 2006 ACE German 4a 2a X X    X   
Bier et al. [30] 2004 ACE French 4a 2a X X      X
Custodio et al. [22] 2012 ACE Peruvian Spanish 0 2a        
Garcia-Caballero et al. [31] 2006 ACE Spanish 2a 4a X   X   X   X
Heo et al. [10] 2012 ACE Korean 2a 4a X    X    
Hummelová-Fanfrdlová et al. [32] 2009 ACE Czech 4a 2a X    X    
Mathuranath et al. [33] 2004 ACE Malayalam 2a 4a X X      X
Newman. [28] 2006 ACE Hebrew 2a 1 X       X
Pouretemad et al. [34] 2009 ACE Persian 4a 4a X X   X    X
Sarasola et al. [25] 2004 ACE Spanish 1 2a        
Stokholm et al. [29] 2009 ACE Danish 4a 2a X       
Yoshida et al. [35] 2011 ACE Japanese 4a 4a X X      
Al-Salman. [9] 2013 ACE-R Saudi Arabian 4a 4a X X X X X   X
Alexopoulos et al. [36] 2010 ACE-R German 4a 4a X X      
Bartoš et al. [37] 2011 ACE-R Czech 2a 4a X     X X  
Bastide et al. [21] 2012 ACE-R French 2b 2b X       X
Carvalho et al. [38] 2007 ACE-R Brazilian 4a 2a X X      
Dos Santos Kawata et al. [23] 2012 ACE-R Japanese 1 4a        
Fang et al. [39] 2014 ACE-R Chinese 2a 4a X       
Ferreira et al. [27] 2012 ACE-R Portuguese 2a 0 X      X  
Gondova et al. [18] 2012 ACE-R Slovak 4a 4a X X X X X X X
Konstantinopoulou et al. [40] 2011 ACE-R Greek 4a 4a X X X     X
Kwak et al. [24] 2010 ACE-R Korean 1 1        
Margevičiūtė et al. [41] 2013 ACE-R Lithuanian 4a 2a X X      
Munoz-Neira et al. [42] 2012 ACE-R Chilean Spanish 2a 2a X       X
Pigliautile et al. [19] 2011 ACE-R Italian 4a 4a X X X X X   X
Torralva et al. [43] 2011 ACE-R Spanish 4a 2a X X      
Wong et al. [44] 2013 ACE-R Cantonese 2a 4a X    X    
Yoshida et al. [20] 2012 ACE-R Japanese 2a 4a X X     X X
Machado et al. [26] 2015 ACE-III Portuguese 4a 0 X X    X   
Matias-Guiu et al. [11] 2015 ACE-III Spanish 4a 4a X     X   X
Qassem et al. [17] 2014 ACE-III Egyptian Arabic 4a 2a X X    X   X