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Table 3 Individuals reportedly involved in translation and cultural adaptation

From: Reporting of the translation and cultural adaptation procedures of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination version III (ACE-III) and its predecessors: a systematic review

Papers Psychiatrist/Psychologists Physicians/Neurologists Geriatricians Bilingual experts/researchers Accredited translators Experts in linguistics Speech therapists Care Givers Test Administrators
Alexopoulos et al. [16]     x      
Bier et al. [30]     x      
Heo et al. [12]   x        
Hummelova-Fanfrdlova et al. [32]     x      
Pouretemad et al. [34] x     x     
Yoshida et al. [35]     x      
Al-Salman [9] x    x x x    
Alexopoulos et al. [36]     x      
Bartoš et al. [37] x x      x x x
Gondova et al. [18] x    x   x    
Konstantinopoulou et al. [40]     x      
Margevičiūtė et al. [41]      x     
Pigliautile et al. [19] x   x       
Wong et al. [44]       x    
Yoshida et al. [20]     x      
Machado et al. [26] x