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Table 1 Meta-analysis by Murphy et al. [14]: a summary of selected outcome variables by included study

From: On the use of the outcome variable “small for gestational age” when gestational age is a potential mediator: a maternal asthma perspective

Study Publication dateª LBW SGA PTB
Lao et al. [30] 1990 X X
Perlow et al. [31] 1992 X X X
Doucette et al. [32] 1993 X X
Jana et al. [33] 1995 X X
Schatz et al. [34] 1995 X X X
Stenius-Aarniala et al. [35] 1995 X
Demissie et al. [36] 1998 X X X
Liu et al. [37] 2001 X X
Bracken et al. [38] 2003 X X
Dombrowski et al. [39] 2004 X X
Acs et al. [40] 2005 X X
Bakhireva et al. [41] 2005 X X
Sheiner et al. [42] 2005 X
Clark et al. [43] 2007 X
Enriquez et al. [44] 2007 X
Kallen et al. [45] 2007 X X X
Karimi et al. [46] 2008 X X
Breton et al. [47] 2009 X X X
  1. Abbreviations: LBW low birth weight, PTB preterm birth, SGA small for gestational age
  2. ª Presented by increasing order of publication date