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Table 3 Suggestions for additional items in TIDieR for use outside trials

From: Getting messier with TIDieR: embracing context and complexity in intervention reporting

Existing TIDieR item Change Description and explanation of change Justification for addition
None Addition of new item. Who was involved in the preparation of TIDieR, how they were involved in the intervention/their perspective (e.g. researcher, service deliverer, patient, etc.)? Increases transparency of reporting. Conveys whose voice the TIDieR description represents
Voice: Whose voice does this description of TIDieR convey?
None Addition of new item (i) What stage of implementation does the TIDieR checklist cover?
(ii) Is this a revision of an earlier TIDieR checklist
Increases rigour of reporting. Conveys what stage the intervention has reached using a continuum of implementation research ranging from proof of concept studies through to those focused on implementation at scale and longer term sustainability [32].
Stage of implementation
10. Modification Extension of current item. Create a new column ‘Modification’ and remove 10. Modification The column will remind people to describe modifications to all the TIDieR items.
Modifications becomes a column rather than a row
12. How Well (actual) Extension of current item. This change would encourage an explanation of the context of the implementation, and any adaptations made as a result. This will complement the Modifications column to convey change in implementation over time. Understanding of intended and unintended consequences is important. Therefore an additional field to prompt inclusion of these elements might be a valuable addition for this purpose.
Current text:
Describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned
Suggested change:
Describe the extent to which the intervention was delivered as planned and outline the factors which had an impact on actual delivery.