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Table 3 Analysis results of longitudinal association between CRP and mSASSS when CRP levels were imputed by different imputation methods

From: A multiple imputation method based on weighted quantile regression models for longitudinal censored biomarker data with missing values at early visits

Method adj. RR (95% CI) p-value
CC-DL/2 1.001 (0.98, 1.02) 0.9867
MI-MCMC 2 1.006 (0.99, 1.03) 0.5586
MI-CQR 1.010 (0.995, 1.02) 0.1839
MI-wCQR 2 1.018 (1.004, 1.03) 0.0095
  1. CC-DL/2: CC with CRP imputed by DL/2; MI-MCMC 2: MI-MCMC imputing both censored and missing CRP; MI-CQR: MI-unweighted CQR; MI-wCQR 2: MI-weighted CQR using estimated probability from censored CRP imputed by DL/2; adj. RR: adjusted Rate Ratio after controlling for sex, race, disease duration, co-morbidity, education, smoking status, BASDAI and medication usages of TNFi and NSAIDs