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Table 1 Summary statistics and costs (in dollar, $) by treatment for haemophilia A, adapted from Abrahamyan et al. [12]

From: Value of information methods to design a clinical trial in a small population to optimise a health economic utility function

  Treatment, t
Statistics AP OD TP
Prior mean, \(\hat {\mu }_{t}\) 0.9259 0.5517 0.7917
Prior variance, \(\hat {\sigma }^{2}_{0t}\) 0.0025 0.0085 0.0069
Sample variance, \(\hat {\sigma }^{2}_{t}\) 0.0686 0.2473 0.1649
Mean cost, c2t ($) 176,397 56,619 117,651
  1. AP, Alternate day prophylaxis; OD, on-demand; TP, tailored prophylaxis