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Table 2 Parameter estimates for the pairwise comparison between on-demand (OD) and tailored prophylaxis (TP)

From: Value of information methods to design a clinical trial in a small population to optimise a health economic utility function

Parameter Estimates
Population size, N 4000
Prior mean, μ0=λ(μTPμOD), ($) 96000
Prior variance, \(\sigma _{0}^{2}=\lambda ^{2}\left (\sigma ^{2}_{0,\text {TP}}+\sigma ^{2}_{0,\text {OD}}\right)\), ($) (49638)2
Sample variance, \(\tau ^{2}=2\lambda ^{2}\left (\sigma ^{2}_{\text {TP}}+\sigma ^{2}_{\text {OD}}\right)\), ($) (363202)2
Cost of conducting the trial per patient, c1, ($) 5000
Cost of treating a patient, c2=c2,TPc2,OD, ($) 61032
Fixed financial cost incurred from conducting the trial, c f , ($) 1 million